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Welcome to Bloomington Piano Service, Indiana, USA

Welcome to Bloomington Piano Service (since 1993), offering piano tuning, repairs, regulation, partial rebuilding, and voicing.

You are here because you have searched for a piano service that might meet your needs when it comes to proper maintenance of your piano. Each piano is different when it comes to its construction and unique parts. Proper periodic maintenance of your instrument is vital for a faultless performance for many years to come.

Bloomington Piano Service is here to maintain your piano in its best possible condition, and provide you with years of enjoyment of your valuable investment.

Pianos do come in different shapes and sizes. The technical complexity of their internal components (the piano action) requires periodic adjustments and regulation. A typical tuning of a piano might provide an instant gratification, but the proper function of the piano action also contributes to the overall positive experience.

Thus, the Bloomington Piano Service does not limit its services to just the tuning of your piano. During each appointment all the components of the action are checked, and if problems are found, the proper recommendations are issued.

The choice is yours how far you would like to go when it comes to the condition of your piano. You can choose a basic tuning, or you can go further, and make sure that the entire instrument is in its best possible condition relative to its age.

So, if you feel like you would like to enhance the sound of your piano then give me a call, or send an e-mail, and I’ll be glad to assist you with bringing your piano to its former glory.